Medicare Chiropractic
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Medicare Chiropractic



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If you’re searching for Medicare Chiropractic near me in Glendale, you’re not alone. We Care Chiropractor offers chiropractic services in Glendale, Arizona and surrounding areas.

If you need of medical care and are older, you may be wondering if your Medicare will pay for you to see a chiropractor. In a lot of cases, it will. People who have Medicare Part B are qualified to undergo treatment at a licensed chiropractor’s office. The one provision is that it must be medically deemed to be needed, and the chiropractor must be willing to approve payment from Medicare.

Chiropractic Care Covered by Medicare

The required issue is that the chiropractic treatment must be needed to give remedy for a partial dislocation. A chiropractor will use manipulation of the spine to correct the misalignment of the vertebrae.

When seeing a chiropractor, patients will need to pay 20% that is approved by Medicare, plus the deductible amount for Part B. You will need to pay for any tests or other services. This will include any x-rays and massage therapies.

Whereas Medicare will not pay for an x-ray that is ordered by a chiropractor, they will pay for one that is ordered by a doctor to see if subluxation exists. The doctor will also need to clarify it for it to be covered. The chiropractor can use an older x-ray, if required, one that is up to a year old. They must use a physical exam to establish the presence of a subluxation.

Chiropractic Services Not Covered by Medicare

It is essential to realize that Medicare will only pay for chiropractic services if a subluxation of the spine is found. What this means is a lot of the other services that a chiropractor offers will not be covered by Medicare. This includes services such as an initial physical, physical therapy, dietary supplements, acupuncture, orthopedic equipment, or any other possible treatments.

Medicare also places a restriction on the number of times you see a chiropractor, one visit per day, unless a doctor finds that a greater frequency is needed. Chiropractic treatment may continue as long as there is improvement.

Glendale, AZ Chiropractic Care

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