What To Wear To Chiropractor
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What To Wear To Chiropractor



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What should you wear to the chiropractor? For starters, it’s all about comfort. Choose to wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict movement. Follow our five tips below.

Avoid Layers

Multiple layers of clothing will undoubtedly make a chiropractor’s job more difficult. You’ll want to remove extra layers of clothing before any adjustments are made. Avoid wearing thicker materials that restrict your flexibility.

It’s All About Comfort

Your clothes should not restrict any movement while at the chiropractor, so wear something comfortable. A patient must be able to lie down and move with ease. It’s recommended to wear gym shorts, leggings or yoga pants, if possible.

No Jewelry

Necklaces and bracelets can easily get tangled during any sort of adjustment. The suggestion here is to leave any and all jewelry at home. Jewelry can make it hard for your chiropractor to manipulate certain parts of the body. Plus, there’s always a chance that you misplace or forget a piece of jewelry at the chiropractor’s office.

Don’t Wear Skirts Or Dresses

Women tend to avoid wearing any sort of dress or skirt when visiting the chiropractor. You’ll find it much easier to move around in comfortable shorts or pants. Skirts or dresses may wrinkle during appointments, so it’s best to avoid wearing these items.

No Ties

There is no need to dress up or look professional heading into your appointment. A suit and tie will simply restrict your movements and make the chiropractor’s job tougher. Always opt for the most comfortable clothing possible for your upcoming appointment.