Can A Chiropractor Help With Hip Pain?
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Do Chiropractors Really Help?



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The overwhelming answer is “Yes!” Chiropractors help people with a great deal of pain issues, improving the quality of a patients life is the primary concern for any chiropractor. read on to learn more about the kinds of pain chiropractors can assist in relieving.

Rotator Cuff Pain

The mechanics of joints in the rotator cuff muscles are best put right with chiropractic adjustments.

Hip Joint Pain

Pain in the hip can be caused by the hip joint or may result in pain in that joint from somewhere else.

Hip Flexor Pain

Chiropractors often treat hip flexor injuries among athletes.

Herniated Disc Pain

Herniated disc pain can be relieved by the symptoms and pain by chiropractors.

Groin Pain

This is most often caused by tissues and muscles attached to the area of the groin.

Chest Pain

Over 75% of chest pain is caused by joints, muscles or bones.

Coccyx Pain

Coccyx pain can be relieved through chiropractic treatment.

Carpal Tunnel / Wrist Pain

Chiropractors can help with wrist pain through joint manipulation, stretching and strengthening exercises, and mobilization techniques.

Bulging Disc Pain

Chiropractors can provide pain relief for those suffering from bulging discs.


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