What Tools Does A Chiropractor Use
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What Tools Does A Chiropractor Use?



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Every chiropractic office is designed to relieve pain. With that said, what are some of the most common tools and equipment chiropractors use for patients?

Most Common Chiropractor Tools

The most common chiropractor tool, of course, will be your chiropractor’s hands. To assist them, though, a plethora of tools and equipment will be available to offer supplemental help. While not every chiropractic tool is listed below, most offices will use the following tools and equipment.


Inclinometers will test the range of motion of your joints. During chiropractor treatment, a chiropractor will gauge the instruments given by the inclinometer to understand how to subtly correct course with each adjustment.

Class IV laser

Class IV, or cold, lasers take in energy in the form of light without heat. This is added to an inflamed area, resulting in stimulated cells that expedite the healing process. Class IV laser treatment is safe, painless and effective.

Activator Adjusting Tool

Looking just like a small pogo stick, this adjustment tool is also spring-loaded. This tool will send a small impact through the spine, which helps realign it with precision. The corrections to the alignment can be made without the body beginning to seize up in anticipation.

Impulse Adjusting Tool

Similar to the activator adjusting tool, the impulse tool uses electrical impulses rather than mechanical force. This will allow your chiropractor to make quick adjustments for a more tailored experience.

Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are specifically designed to move during treatment as the patient rotates back and forth. These rollers support areas of pain, resulting in a lessening of soreness in your muscles.

TENS Device

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology is an alternative to chemical pain relief. Electrodes in contact with the individual’s skin will send electrical impulses through the body’s nerve pathways. When the pain is treated, you may feel a slight tingling sensation.

SOT Blocks, Cushions And Wedges

Included in the Sacro-occipital technique (SOT) are blocks and other cushions placed under specific areas of the body, such as lower back or knees. It’s placed there to support and elevate during a patient adjustment. Blocks will ultimately relieve tension on areas of misalignment.

Chiropractic Care

Most Common Chiropractor Equipment

Although chiropractic equipment can certainly still be classified as tools, these are a few of the most popular pieces used by chiropractors today.


Ultrasounds have many applications in chiropractic care. They can help your chiropractor get a clear idea of your pain sources and send sound waves into deep tissue.


All chiropractors will use a chiropractic table for treatment. There are a few different tables, including pediatric, elevation and traction tables.

X-Ray Machine

X-ray technology is crucial in diagnosing bone issues. These machines use electromagnetic radiation to provide a clear digital image of one’s spine.

Other Tools And Equipment

Some chiropractors will also utilize the following for treatment:

  • Computers/iPads.
  • Interferential Current.
  • Electromyography.
  • Wobble Chairs.
  • Traction Units.
  • Diagnostic Thermal Imaging.
  • Radiofrequency Rhizotomy.
  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation.
  • Exercise Therapy Equipment.

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